April 29, 2021 10:32

Communications Commission holds Certified Training Courses for the Participants of Media Literacy Contest

The Communications Commission has held certified training sessions for students who distinguished themselves during the media literacy contest “Truth or Fiction?” Students learned about important issues such as social media algorithm discrimination, human rights violations on social media, and data protection. Students also received detailed information about the ways of combating the fake news and protecting freedom of expression, the meaning of hate speech and the responsibilities of social platforms in the modern age.

A significant part of the training was to examine the role of consumers in generating the social media economy. The certified training employed learning materials from the BBC Academy. After completing the course, participants were issued with certificates by the Communications Commission, which will give them the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with other pupils and students at schools and universities.

Last year, the Commission held the first edition of the media literacy contest “Truth or Fiction?” for the BA students. The jury panel selected three winners from 120 entries, who received remarkable prizes. Participants who did not make to the top three but submitted good entries and demonstrated a high level of competence and effective skills, have received career support from the Communications Commission.

The media literacy contest “Truth or Fiction?” has been held four times. The Commission will soon announce the next edition of the contest for school pupils.


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