March 28, 2024 16:29

ComCom Launches a Study and Proceedings to Improve Competition on the Mobile Market

In order to improve competition and service quality in the mobile services market, the Communications Commission started public administrative proceedings based on a comprehensive study. The proceedings will determine whether there is a low competitive environment in the Georgian mobile communications market. If this is confirmed, the relevant wholesale markets will be subject to preliminary regulation, meaning that operators with significant power will be identified on the market and assigned specific obligations. ComCom aims to improve and open the telecom market in accordance with European best practices, and provide customers with a variety of choices and quality services. In addition, the aforementioned process will help fulfil Georgia’s duties under the Association Agreement. 

In 2022, the Communications Commission, with the help of European experts, launched a comprehensive study of the Georgian telecom market as part of the EU-funded Association Agreement Facility project, which involved the study of fixed and mobile service markets. The study included an analysis of the competitive environment of the retail market of fixed and mobile communication services, and identification of the wholesale markets that are potentially subject to regulation. The presence of operators with significant market power was assessed, and appropriate recommendations were developed. The involvement of all Georgian telecom operators was ensured at each stage of the study. The current administrative proceedings also serve to ensure active participation of stakeholders, and to obtain constructive feedback from them. 

During the proceedings, the Communications Commission will publish draft decisions on competition in the mobile service segment of the market. The document will include a detailed discussion of the study as a whole, as well as specific obligations and their significance. This will be followed by public consultations, where stakeholders will be able to present their opinions and comments within 20 days from the publishing of the draft decisions. 

The comprehensive study serves to improve competition on the Georgian telecom market, to enable diverse and affordable services of high quality for the consumers, and to bring Georgia’s regulatory framework closer to its EU counterpart.


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