June 30, 2015 13:35

The switchover process to digital broadcasting starts on 1st of July

In Georgia, the switchover process to digital broadcasting begins tomorrow on 1 July at 10:00 am. The analogue signal will be switched off across Tbilisi and surrounding areas. In particular: Sagarejo, Rustavi, Marneuli, Kojori, Mtskheta and its surrounding territories.

The switchover to new broadcasting format represents the large-scale reform of the state importance. The existing TV broadcasting and receiving modes of distribution is about to be changed radically which will have an effect on our population as well as on broadcasters.

In accordance to the amendments provided in the Georgian law “on Broadcasting” on June 17, 2015, the licensing regime for TV broadcasting is being cancelled and TV companies will be able to start their activities through simplified authorization.  

The radio frequency spectrum that has been already issued by GNCC in order to ensure digital broadcasting gives our country opportunity to spread more than thirty standard definition channels across the country. Also, the resource of local broadcasters which in addition to being able to spread itself, will have the ability to spread other broadcasters as well.

With the digital switchover, Georgia, at one point completes international obligations and on other hand, the country will be able to make more effective use of its radio frequency spectrum and to implement other telecommunication services. As for the society, they will receive way better quality of audio and visual display.  

Terrestrial analogue broadcasting TV transmitting stations after the capital, will be shut down step-by-step all over the country within six weeks.  

Analogue TV broadcasting shut down schedule:


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