May 02, 2024 16:05

ComCom: Silknet has been Sanctioned for Providing Low-Quality Internet to Consumers

The Communications Commission has sanctioned Silknet for providing low-quality internet to the users, thereby violating the legislation in the field of electronic communications. In March 2024, ComCom received a customer complaint about an internet problem, after which the Commission conducted a 24-hour internet speed and quality test together with the user. The test established that the quality of the internet service provided by Silknet did not correspond to the terms of the contract between the operator and the user. 

More specifically, the 24-hour test conducted by the Communications Commission measured the jitter level at 152.9 ms instead of the <50 ms specified in the contract, while ping was measured at 2969 ms instead of <400 ms. Furthermore, packet loss was 9.48% when it should not have exceeded 3% according to the contract. 

Due to the fact that Silknet did not commit a similar violation for a year, the Communications Commission issued the operator with a written caution and instructed it to bring the service provided to the customer into compliance with the terms of the contract. 

Consumers are reminded that in case of problems related to internet quality, they can contact the Communications Commission at any time, as ComCom prioritises the protection of consumer rights.


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