November 25, 2021 10:56

Communications Commission Continues Organizing the Media Literacy Contest “Truth or Fiction?”

As part of the media literacy contest “Truth or Fiction?” the Communications Commission continues to care about the career development of bachelor’s degree students. Apart from the three winners, the Commission will also support 15 top performers of the competition in their career development and will hold certified trainings for them. Students will undergo a program created with special training materials and become certified trainers. The Commission will give them the opportunity to become involved in media literacy projects and use their knowledge and experience to train other students and pupils. 

As part of the competition, students are already being trained in identifying fake news in the media. Participants are receiving detailed information on how to identify fake news, verify and establish real facts. Those who wish to attend the training can contact the Communications Commission through its Facebook page. 

This will be the sixth edition of the media literacy contest “Truth or Fiction?” It aims to develop logical and critical thinking, analysis, and fact-checking skills among young people, and will be open to all bachelor’s degree students from  November 1 to  December 5. Winners of the competition will be selected by a competent jury panel. Winners will receive modern prizes from the Communications Commission, including an iPhone 13 Pro for the first place, an HP Pavilion for the second place and an iPad 10.2 (9 Gen) for the third place. 

Rules and other details of the competition can be accessed through the media literacy page of the Communications Commission – and the official website of the Commission –


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