May 16, 2022 15:10

“Truth or Fiction?” Contest Announced for IX, X and XI Grade Pupils

The Communications Commission and the Media Academy have announced the latest edition of the media literacy contest “Truth or Fiction?” Participation in the contest will be open for all IX, X and XI grade pupils from 16 May until 30 June. As part of the competition, participants are required to identify fake news in Georgian media space (internet, television and printed media) that had not yet been confirmed as inaccurate. The students have to explain how they identified the information, present the relevant source and establish real facts surrounding the case. 

Competition winners will be selected by a competent jury panel. Winners will receive ultramodern prizes from the Communications Commission, including an iPhone 13 Pro for the first place, an HP Pavilion for the second place and an iPad 10.2 (9 Gen) for the third place finish. 

Rules and other details of the competition can be viewed on the media literacy page of the Communications Commission – and the official website of the Commission – 

The Communications Commission has previously held six editions of the media literacy contest “Truth or Fiction?”, which aims to develop logical and critical thinking, analysis and fact-checking skills among young people. The contest has been successfully held four times for school pupils and twice for bachelor’s degree students.


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