Broadcasting authorization procedure

Authorization of the activities at the broadcasting sector is carried out by Georgian National Communications Commission according to the Law of Georgia on Broadcasting.

For broadcasting through frequency spectrum and satellite systems the license is issued. For broadcasting through any other technology authorization is performed.

Authorized person in broadcasting sector may be the citizen of Georgia or individual or legal entity with residence in Georgia.

Authorized person in broadcasting sector may not be the following:

a)      Administrative authority;

b)      Administrative body, officials, other public servants;

c)       Legal entity interdependent with the administrative authority;

d)      Political party, political party official;

e)      Offshore-registered entity;

f)       Legal entity whose shares are directly or indirectly owned by the offshore-registered entity.


Single rule for broadcasting authorization:

Person willing to conduct general or specialized broadcasting applies to the Commission. The form of the application is approved by the Commission. (431/22 2012 წ. Decision link).

The application shall include the following:

a)      In case of individual - name, surname, place and date of birth, registration data, address, citizenship;

b)      In case of legal entity - company name, legal form, legal address (seat), data registered at the register of business (non-commercial) legal entities, the name and the surname of the authorized representative, Information regarding the partners, as well as the shareholders, holding 5% or more;

c)       Type of broadcasting (General or specialized) the person willing to be authorized requires;

d)      Brief description of the activity;

e)      Duration of the broadcast within the day.

3. The application must include:

a)      Extract from the register of business (non-commercial) legal entities; in case of individual - copy of the relevant identification document;

b)      declaration of conformity.

Within 10 working days of the receipt of the application the Commission carries out a registration of the interested person, at the register of authorized undertakings.



In case application and/or supporting documentation is not submitted properly, the Commission shall determine for the presentation of full documentation 5 working days to submit complete documentation. In case person fails to submit documentation in the mentioned period, authorization shall not be granted. However, failure of authorization does not deprive the right of person to submit a second application to the Commission for authorization. If within 10 working days the Commission will not determine additional term for submission of full documentation, the person shall be considered as authorized and within 3 working days the extract from the register of authorized undertakings will be issued.


Authorization of the activities at the broadcasting sector is carried out indefinitely. Cancellation of authorization is inadmissible, unless cancellation is required by the authorized person itself.




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