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21, 2022

SpaceX to provide Internet through Starlink Satellite Constellation in Georgia

June 21, 2022 17:15

Georgian National Communication Commission member Ekaterine Imedadze and other representatives of the Commission held a meeting with a SpaceX representative to discuss bringing SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet service to Georgia.  During the introductory meeting, the staff of the Commission talked with the SpaceX representative about the current situation and prospects in the Georgian telecommunications sector, as well as the development of digital economy in the country. For his...

20, 2022

Maka Antidze Shares her 25 Years of Experience Working for Reuters With Journalists at the Media School

June 20, 2022 10:52

The Media Academy of the Communications Commission held a two-day training for media representatives and students of journalism. Participants worked with Maka Antidze, a journalist with 30 years of experience. For the past 25 years, she has worked at the Caucasus Bureau of Reuters as Head of the Bureau and Chief Correspondent. Earlier she was a correspondent for Associated Press. Journalists were given detailed information on how to compose an article or deliver a story, how journalists should...

16, 2022

ComCom and BTU Organise Scientific Discussion on the Subject of 5G

June 16, 2022 13:49

The Communications Commission and the Business and Technology University have organised a scientific discussion on the implementation and prospects of 5G technology. The event was opened by ComCom member Ekaterine Imedadze and BTU rector Nino Enukidze. Ms Imedadze talked about the process of implementing and enabling the 5G network in Georgia, while the Head of Spectrum and Technology Department of the Commission Sandro Karumidze spoke on the subject of developing the 5G spectrum and...

14, 2022

ComCom Trains Children in Kutaisi and Mtskheta-Mtianeti in Safe Internet Use and Detection of Fake News

June 14, 2022 10:19

The Communications Commission has trained more than 600 school pupils in Kutaisi and Mtskheta-Mtianeti in media literacy skills. Trainings were held for primary and secondary school pupils, SOS Children’s Village beneficiaries, as well as paerticipants of “Happy Onlife,” “Media Economics” and “Truth or Fiction?” projects.  300 primary school pupils of School N17, School N21 and Progress School in Kutaisi, as well as over 50 pupils of School N1 in...

10, 2022

ComCom Member Natia Kukuladze Takes Part in a Meeting on Digital Transformation and Media Literacy

June 10, 2022 11:05

Member of the Communications Commission Natia Kukuladze took part in a meeting organised by the Georgian ICT Cluster on the subject of digital transformation and media literacy. During the meeting, she talked about the threats and challenges that accompany technological progress, highlighting the need to improve media literacy skills and mechanisms for fighting disinformation. Natia Kukuladze also informed the attendees about the role of the Commission in developing media literacy in Georgia,...

07, 2022

“What is Europe?” – Media School Holds Two-Day Training for Journalists

June 07, 2022 11:11

The Media Academy of the Communications Commission held a two-day training for journalists working in different media, as well as for journalism students. Titled “What is Europe,” the seminar was led by Rusudan Gorgiladze – former research fellow at the Harvard University Weatherhead Center for International Affairs and Regional Director for Eastern Europe at the Harvard Alumni Association. Earlier she was part of the state delegation working on EU-Georgia partnership and...

06, 2022

Media Academy, Media School and Media Lab Activities in 2021

June 06, 2022 17:32

The 2021 annual report of the Communications Commission details the activities of the Media Academy, Media School and Media Lab, as well as the future plans of the Media Academy. Since 2021, the Academy has been headed by Shorena Shaverdashvili, who replaced Davit Kakabadze.  The Media School of the Media Academy continued to operate during the pandemic for the benefit of media managers, producers and journalists. The Media School, which was established in accordance with the Bavarian...

06, 2022

COMCOM: Our Goal is to Involve More Stakeholders in Media Literacy Development

June 06, 2022 15:07

The 2021 annual report of the Communications Commission states that “the goal of the Commission is to get more stakeholders involved in the media literacy development process in order to strengthen media literacy in Georgia through close cooperation and coordination.” The Commission has been implementing media literacy projects for more than four years in accordance with European practices.  The online media literacy platform was launched in...

03, 2022

“Find the Key” – New Media Literacy Project of the Communications Commission on

June 03, 2022 14:52

The Communications Commission has launched a new project for children, parents and teachers titled “Media Key” – an online platform based on a Finnish model that focusses on positive content in movies and helps youngsters understand movies and cartoons. The project has been recognised by the European Commission and aims to develop critical thinking in young people through film analysis. The platform already contains important information on...

02, 2022

ComCom: There Were 5.5 Million Mobile Subscribers in 2021

June 02, 2022 11:56

The level of penetration on the mobile service market in Georgia is at a five-year high of 160%. There were 5.5 million mobile subscribers at the end of 2021. This means that users have more than one mobile number, indicating that they are aware of the market rates and are using different network providers for different services.  In 2021, Magticom had 42% of mobile subscribers, followed by Silknet with 33% and Beeline with 25%.  On average, Magticom customers spent GEL 10.9 on mobile...


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