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20, 2021

The Communications Commission Trains IX Grade Pupils in Media Economics

December 20, 2021 11:20

The Communications Commission has trained IX grade pupils of School Nº55 in Media Economics to develop their media literacy skills. During the training, students received comprehensive information on social media funding sources. The youngsters learned about the role of each customer in funding social media. The media literacy trainer also focused on the aspects of protecting personal information, cyberbullying and threats on the internet.  The media literacy project “Media...

16, 2021

Communications Commission Extends Licenses for 10 Radio Stations Free of Charge

December 16, 2021 16:38

The Communications Commission has decided to grant five-year extension to the private broadcasting licenses of ten radio broadcasters: Green Wave, Radio Palitra, Rioni, Art Radio, Radio Imedi, Atinati, Argo, Voice of Abkhazia, Zari and Trialeti. The licenses of these broadcasters were due to expire on December 31, 2021, but in accordance with the changes to the Law of Georgia on Broadcasting, the licenses were extended until December 31, 2026.  Changes to the Law on Broadcasting came into...

14, 2021

The Media Academy Starts the Second Cycle of Masterclasses with Online Lectures by Davit Chkhikvishvili

December 14, 2021 16:54

The Media Academy of the Communications Commission continues the series of masterclasses. The second cycle of online lectures will start with video lessons by Davit Chkhikvishvili. Every person with an interest in journalism willing to learn how to create a high-quality media product will have the opportunity to gain knowledge free of charge with the help of online lectures of Mr. Chkhikvishvili. The course consists of 6 masterclasses that include important topics such as covering wars and...

13, 2021

Communications Commission Conducts Media Literacy Training for the Teachers and Pupils of the European School

December 13, 2021 11:02

The Communications Commission continues to develop critical thinking and media literacy skills in schools. Three target groups in the European School – III and IV grade pupils, VII and VIII grade pupils, and teachers – were trained by the Commission’s media literacy trainers in safely using the internet and identifying fake news.  30 pupils of III and IV grades attended the training and received detailed information about the threats of the internet and learned how to...

09, 2021

Communications Commission Approves New Public Consultation Regulations for Greater Transparency and Efficiency

December 09, 2021 15:45

The Communications Commission has approved new regulations to achieve transparency and active stakeholder involvement in the process of making decisions that are particularly important for the telecom industry. Based on the new regulations, the process of regulating the telecom sector will be even more transparent and efficient, which will ultimately have a positive impact on the interests of both the industry and the consumers.  Based on the approved procedure, the Communications...

06, 2021

The Contest “Truth or Fiction?” Extended until December 31

December 06, 2021 12:47

The media literacy contest “Truth of Fiction?” will continue until the end of the year. Bachelor’s degree students will be allowed to to submit their works until December 31. This decision was taken by the Communications Commission due to high interest of students. The contest, which aims to develop media literacy, logical and critical thinking, analysis, and fact-checking skills, was announced on November 1, and is open to all bachelor’s degree students. As part of the...

02, 2021

The Communications Commission and the EU have trained more than 700 teachers in fighting Disinformation

December 02, 2021 11:06

The Communications Commission, with the support of the EU Delegation to Georgia has trained more than 700 teachers in 500 public schools across the country in tackling disinformation. As part of the project “The Challenge of Disinformation: Developing Critical Thinking in Schools,” the Commission conducted 44 trainings in Tbilisi and other regions of Georgia, including the regions with large ethnic minority populations. Over a four-month period, trainings were held in around 50...

01, 2021

Media School – Safety Course for Journalists

December 01, 2021 10:29

The Media School of the Communications Commission has organized a two-day seminar titled “Safety Course for Journalists,” which provided journalists with detailed information about transmitting protests, working in emergency situations, and informing the public without getting harmed. During the seminar, 10 participants worked with photojournalist Davit Mdzinarashvili, SAFE Initiative risk management trainer Giorgi Kupatadze and security specialist Irakli Andronikashvili. Apart from...

30, 2021

GeoIGF 2021- The 7th Internet Governance Forum Takes Place in Georgia

November 30, 2021 17:20

Between the period of November 30-December 1, Georgia is hosting the 7th Internet Governance Forum GeoIGF 2021. The event is being co-organized and implemented with the support of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, the Communications Commission, ISOC Georgia and the Council of Europe, and coordinated by the Telecom Operators’ Association (TOA).  The event includes 10 thematic sessions discussing the main challenges and future opportunities in the Georgian...

30, 2021

According to the Communications Commission, Political Bias and Fake News pose a Challenge for Broadcasters

November 30, 2021 10:56

The Communications Commission has published the third media monitoring report for the 2021 Georgian municipal elections, covering the period between October 3-October 30, when the second round of voting was held. Qualitative monitoring of the following national broadcasters was carried out during the reporting period: Georgian Public Broadcaster, Adjara TV of the Georgian Public Broadcaster, Imedi TV, Rustavi 2, Mtavari TV and TV Pirveli. Monitoring was carried out daily, during...


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