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08, 2021

Up to 1500 Reports disseminated in 5 Months through ComCom Analytics

February 08, 2021 15:00

For the past five months, the Communications Commission has been offering individuals interested in the latest trends in telecommunications sector an innovative and comfortable service of ComCom Analytics. More than 3000 users have already registered on the analytical portal.. Around 1500 reports have been disseminated through ComCom Analytics during the past five months. The reports that are sent to interested individuals contain detailed information about the broadcasting and...

01, 2021

Communications Commission receives ISO Certificate for protecting Consumer Interests and fulfilling...

February 01, 2021 11:01

The Communications Commission is an organisation that most effectively fulfils its legislative duties and responsibilities. This is the assessment issued by the international auditing firm Bureau Veritas Certification, which awarded ComCom the ISO certificate. The ISO 9001:2015 certificate confirms that the Commission continuously strives  to improve its activities, apply international standards, develop its technologies and, most importantly, conduct continuous and active communication...

28, 2021

GDS TV fined GEL 5000 for unlawfully broadcasting a Film that is unsuitable for Minors

January 28, 2021 19:29

The Communications Commission has fined  GDS TV GEL 5000 for unlawfully broadcasting a film that is unsuitable for minors and instructed the broadcaster to comply with the Georgian legislation. The case concerns the movie “Braveheart”, which contains scenes of violence, murder, sex and nudity. GDS TV aired the film during an inappropriate time slot, and without the appropriate age restriction label. The film, which is unsuitable for viewers under the age of 12, was shown at...

28, 2021

Kakha Bekauri: “We will protect the rights of the viewers to ensure that obscenity, offensive language and...

January 28, 2021 17:55

“Today the Commission has ruled that Mtavari Arkhi broadcasted obscenity. The coverage of this issue by several media outlets created the impression that the Communications Commission was censoring the media. These outlets are perfectly aware that the Commission’s goal is not to censor the media, but to protect freedom of expression and viewers’ interests. Furthermore, everyone knows that today, media freedom in Georgia is better protected than ever before,” the Chairman...

28, 2021

Communications Commission finds Mtavari Arkhi guilty of broadcasting Obscenity, but relieves it of Liability

January 28, 2021 16:02

The Communications Commission has found Mtavari Arkhi guilty of violating the legislation by broadcasting a report containing obscenity. However, the broadcaster has been relieved of administrative liability, as the goal of the Commission is not to penalise the broadcaster, but to protect viewers from programmes containing obscenity. To this end, the Commission exercised its legal authority and declined to sanction Mtavari Arkhi. The Commission calls on Mtavari Arkhi, as well as all other...

21, 2021

Kakha Bekauri: “repeated use of obscenity may limit the freedom of expression, including the freedom of...

January 21, 2021 18:53

“Maintaining ethical standards in the media is highly important for the freedom of expression. Repeated use of obscenity may limit the freedom of expression, including the freedom of obtaining information and freedom of choice. Protecting airtime from obscenity does not limit the freedom of expression. It raises freedom of expression to a higher standard,” the Chairman of the Communications Commission Kakha Bekauri stated at today’s public hearing. Today the Communications...

21, 2021

Communications Commission to rule next week on whether the Mtavari Arkhi report contained obscenity, and...

January 21, 2021 17:47

The Communications Commission has examined the report aired by Mtavari Arkhi on 12 December 2020 at 21:57 on the political show “Mtavari on Saturday.” The subject of the report was the first session of the Parliament following the 2020 parliamentary elections. The report included obscene remarks and a graphic image with unethical connotation. It should be noted that programmes containing obscenity have been aired with an increasing frequency during the recent period. Results of...

31, 2020

Communications Commission issues TV Formula with a Fine of GEL 2500 for unlawfully broadcasting a Programme...

December 31, 2020 15:53

The Communications Commission has issued TV Formula with a fine of GEL 2500 for violating the Law on Broadcasting. More specifically, the broadcaster showed a programme unsuitable for minors during an inappropriate time slot, and without the appropriate age restriction label. Furthermore, TV Formula was ordered to comply with the Law on Broadcasting and the Code on the Rights of the Child, and avoid exposing minors to harmful content by ensuring that the television show “Chemi Tsolis...

31, 2020

Communications Commission issues Mtavari Arkhi with a Warning for blocking Political Advertising

December 31, 2020 14:41

The Communications Commission has upheld the complaint submitted by the Political Union of Citizens Georgian Dream-Democratic Georgia and issued Mtavari Arkhi with a written warning for violating the Law of Georgia on Broadcasting. The broadcaster refused to place free political advertising for Georgian Dream during the second round of the elections, thereby violating the Law of Georgia on Broadcasting and the Election Code of Georgia. Mtavari Arkhi had been informed about the schedule and...

30, 2020

Kakha Bekauri: We must Reject Obscenity and Hate Speech, Implement Western Values and High Standards of...

December 30, 2020 17:10

“Georgia currently has more than 100 television channels and a highly pluralistic media environment, which is a treasured achievement for our whole society. Unfortunately, this diverse media environment is saturated with low standards of professionalism, fake news, hate speech, threats, insults and obscenity. The Georgian Public Broadcaster is an exception in this regard, as confirmed by the results of the media monitoring process conducted by the Communications Commission during the...


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